Will You Lose Your Muscle on HCG Diet?

HCG diet is completely different in its own industry of weight loss. It works basically the same as other diet (increasing metabolism and burning stored fat). This makes it the best of all the diet present in the market today. 

Will your lean muscle be lost on hcg diet?

We all know that the hcg protocol prohibits people from exercising on the hcg diet. Then it becomes obvious that a person will lose her or his lean mass as time progresses. Fortunately, that is not the case. You won’t lose your mass. 

How is that possible?

The hcg diet works by increasing the metabolism of your body. Once, your metabolism is increased you will start to lose those stored fats within your body and as a result you will lose weight. 

Lean mass, on the other hand is basically protein and hence, your body won’t use it up as energy (The body loses protein only when there is insufficient amount of fat unavailable.)

Moreover, the diet foods of the hcg protocol are filled with protein. Even if you so lose some amount of protein from the diet that will be supplemented with the protein that you consume on a daily basis. 

In conclusion, you won’t be losing your lean mass muscle while on the hcg diet.