Watch Your Stress Levels if you are Obese

Usually there is lot more to obese people than just overeating. For instance there is this stress factor that is a major concern for obese people. And almost most of the obese people have higher stress levels. Either they have stress levels from family issues or from their jobs. Irrespective of that we are here with a simple trick to lower the stress levels of your body.


This word has its origin from India and means breath control. If you can do just breathing control then you can decrease your stress levels almost to zero. That is the power of your breath. Most of the saints that you have ever heard have mastered breath control.

How to do it:

The steps are easy as one two and three. Just breath in, hold your breath and then release it. As you keep practicising you have to increase the time delay in breathing in, holding and breathing out. It has to be done in the ration of 1:2:1.