Using Low Sodium Diet for Further Weight Loss

Are you tired with the pace that hcg diet takes you? Are you looking for some other ways through which you can lose weight? if you have answered to both this question then there is a great possibility that you will love what I have to say next. 

I know of a certain way of losing weight a little faster. Or in other words I know of a technique that will boost your weight loss and help in getting you trimmer and leaner faster than you think. 

How is it done?

It is as easy as counting one two and three. All you have to do is cut on the salt intake. However, you should mind that the salt intake should not be cut down too much as your body needs some salt for the proper functioning of the system. 

How much salt should I cut on?

When you are starting with this technique you should cut salt to 3/4 of the regular salt consumed. For instance, if you are taking 1tsp per day then you should be consuming only 3/4 tsp per day. Follow this for a month and later cut down the intake for the second month to 1/2 tsp. After two months give a gap and consume the normal amount of food. Later start from again. 

How much weight will I lose with this?

 With this technique along you will not lose much weight. However, if you are combining this technique with HCG diet then you will lose significant amount of weight in a short time. 

Note: Cutting down on salt at great amount will result in abnormal functioning of your system.