Using Garlic and Honey for Weight loss

Of course this is a weight loss blog based on HCG diet. However, it is time that we discuss some other powerful means to lose weight. Have you ever heard about the magic of honey and garlic in weight loss? IF you have then I suggest you keep reading as there are some info that you wouldn’t have read and if not then keep reading :

Garlic and honey is excellent home remedy to lose weight. It basically increases the metabolism of the body and thereby burns fat.

The recipe as simple as lemon juice. However, you need to take some precaution as in where the metabolism of your body shoots higher.

Recipe of garlic and honey weight loss

Take one clove of garlic and peel it well. Now crush them so as they are coarsely broken down. The pieces should neither be too large nor too small. Place it in a jar and fill it with honey. Pour honey to such an extent as that it covers the garlic pieces thoroughly.

Leave it overnight to soak well.

Now when you get up early in the morning take one tsp of the garlic honey combination and eat it. Do this daily. And if you get boils over your body then stop consuming the garlic and honey combination.

Within a few weeks you will lose considerable amount of weight.