Things you Didn’t know about HCG diet

I bet you didn’t had the slightest idea the hcg diet that you are so interested has not got its’ approval from the FDA. What? You ask, and I say that is one of those secrets that the retailer and seller of hcg diet that are keeping you from knowing it.

What is the Secret?

There is no great secret. The only fact is that the FDA has not approved the hcg hormone as a weight loss supplement. The reason is obvious as they did not find any evidence of hcg diet supporting weight loss.

But here is the trick the most of the retailers are using to sell the  hormone. FDA allows the hcg in other treatment forms. Hence, they get to sell the hcg hormone.

But can I use it to lose weight?

Well, I cannot tell you that because I am not liable to make such comments. However, I did use hcg diet to get into shape and I did lose a lot weight. Therefore in the end it is your decision whether to choose or not the hcg diet.