Switching from Homeopathic to Pharma Drops

If you are reading this post then we can safely assume that you are looking for ways to switch from homeopathic hcg drops to real hcg. The reason can be anything and it is your choice. But whatever your reason for the choice is, we can assure you that you have taken a wise choice.

Best way to switch:

The single and only way is to stop your homeopathic drop immediately and order a real hcg one. Then regarding the diet phase, you will have to start afresh once you have received your new order. Some people have the suggestion of continuing the drop again from where you have stopped the homeopathic drop. For instance, if you have stopped from diet phase then you will be continuing from the same phase.

But we completely differ as hcg diet on homeopathic ones are not the same as real hcg. Hence, starting anew with pharma grade hcg drop is best.