Review of HCG 1234 Diet Drops

One of the best hcg merchants in the hcg industry is the hcg 1234 diet drops. And therefore it has become our responsibility to write a review on it.

Three months back we purchased a hcg diet drops bottle from the HCG 1234 website. The order was placed for a single bottle of hcg drops which was received or delivered to us within a week. A small instruction note was provided to follow the hcg diet. However, we thought it would be best to stick with the hcg diet guide book. This guide book was purchased from Amazon and had a load of recipe with the necessary instruction to stick with the hcg diet.

The first week was very troublesome as it was very hard to stick with the low calorie diet. The diet plan that we stick to was 1200 calorie as we 500 or 800 calorie seemed very dangerous to start in the first month. The 1200 calorie was satisfying enough to satiate the hunger pang.

From the second week things were smoother and the hunger pangs were no longer there. After checking with the weights I found that there was 8 pounds lost in total.

Looking at the lost weight it seemed of great confidence. It made me to stick with the hcg diet longer enough.

During the diet phase there were some instances where I was unable to follow the protocol. However, I still kept on with the diet. Now it was three months and I had lost a total of 35 pounds. This was the greatest thing that I had ever done with a diet. I became so happy that I decided to write a review on it. Hence, I recommend to others that hcg 1234 diet is the best of all.

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