Is Prescription of HCG Hormone Legal?

The question ‘Is Prescription of HCG Hormone Legal?’ is a very important question in the HCG hormone industry. This confusion prevails probably because some say that prescription of hcg hormone is legal while others say that it is illegal. In this post we shall put an end to this dilemma.

HCG hormone is not considered as a weight loss supplement by the FDA and hence prescribing it as a weight loss supplement is illegal. However, if you are being prescribed the hcg for any other use then it is completely legal.

Why is that so?

The reason is because the FDA has not find any proof that the hcg diet has to claim. The FDA has yet find any evidence that will relate weight loss to hcg hormone. Hence, it is being considered as illegal if any doctor prescribes hcg as a weight loss supplement.

Then how come people are buying hcg for weight loss?

People are buying it because it works for them practically. There are many real testimonials in which people have sworn they have lost weight due to the hcg diet. Moreover the hcg diet has become popular due to word of mouth by on another.

Can I buy HCG Hormone?

Of course you can buy hcg hormone and it is your independent decision to use it as a weight loss supplement or not.

One thing you need to remember is that hcg hormone does work somehow in reducing weight even if the FDA has not foiund any evidence.