Phase One of HCG

The first phase of HCG is detailed here and kept short and to the point for your convenience.

First phase of HCG diet is known as loading phase of HCG diet. This is known as loading phase because in this phase you will be consuming huge number of calories and that too in a short period of three days. Within this three days, you will have to eat to the max and that too without any restriction.

What is the reason of Phase One:

This is the preparation phase of HCG diet. The better your preparation in the first phase the better your weight loss will be. When you start consuming high amounts of calories they are stored as fat. However, there is a slight difference in the first phase. As you are consuming the high calorie foods with the HCG hormone too your body will not be able to store the fat. However, at the same time, your body will release stored fats.

How does all these Happen?

If you can recall your biology class then you will remember an organ called hypothalamus. This organ has several functions that it has to look towards. One of the main functions however, is providing hunger signal when the body is out of fuel or at regular interval. This signal frequency depends on the eating habits of the individual.

For instance, if an individual, consumes large chunk of foods every four hours then hypothalamus will trigger a signal every four hours. This is changed by using HCG drops.