Phase 2 of HCG Diet

The HCG diet is loved by many. Those who have already completed a HCG diet plan are often very clear on the program protocol. They are strict, but they are not misleading. Because there are so few requirements and so few approved foods it is not easy for the dieters to get confused. If you’ve already began your weight loss quest you might have heard about the different Phases which surround the HCG diet. For the beginners, this tends to raise a great deal of confusion knowing the origin of the Phases, and the accurate way to follow them. Understanding how the Phases work and play a role within the diet is needed for succeeding in this weight loss journey

But there’s one aspect of the diet that many forget, ignore or miss…it’s the HCG diet phase 2. The maintenance phase is needed in order to give the dieter a stepping stone between severe calorie limitation and jumping back into the regular world of much more calories.

The body uses the maintenance phase to change to increased calorie intake. During the HCG diet, dieters are kept to five hundred calories each day. Once they start the HCG diet phase 2 they are given up to 1five hundred calories each day. The type of foods that are allowed are still kept. But they are MUCH more varied than they are for the dieting portion of the plan.

When dieters start the maintenance phase (HCG diet phase 2) and stick to the rules they will stay inside the food limits as well as the caloric limits (1500 per day). They also stick to it for the requisite amount of time. The amount of time spent on maintenance varies because it should equal the amount of time spent on the diet.

So if a dieter did the HCG diet for the fifteen day period then they need to follow it with a fifteen day maintenance period. But if they did the HCG diet for forty days they need to follow it with a maintenance period lasting forty days. It is necessary just like the rest of the diet, but for some reason, many simply ignore the need for this part of the diet.

Individuals who avoid HCG diet phase 2 find that they have a much not easier time maintaining their weight loss after the diet is already completed. This is crazy when you think about the fact that HCG diets offer a drastic and rapid weight loss possibility for most dieters. Dieters who are able to stick to the program protocol introduced in the basic program protocol will often see weight loss close to the average of 1 to 2 pounds each day.

There aren’t many things more annoying than meeting this wonderful weight loss average just to see the weight return when the maintenance phase is skipped. The maintenance phase is typically not nearly as difficult for a lot of dieters as the literal diet when they were limited to 500 calories per day. Some suggest that they struggle changing to the increased foods while still keeping in mind that there is a limit. They want to let loose and eat whatever they want as soon as they add more calories. For these people, there is a HCG diet maintenance e-cookbook that will aid them in sticking to the program protocol throughout the HCG diet phase 2.

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