Should You Opt for Hormone Free HCG Drops

If you have been with the HCG diet for sometime then you must have heard something called hormone free HCG drops. These are gaining much popularity among fans of HCG drops. People in the past who had preferred for HCG drops which were of pharmaceutical grades are now trying to opt for Hormone free HCG drops.

What exactly is Hormone free Drops?

Okay, if you are unsure as to what Hormone free HCG drops are then we shall explain that you in a moment. First of all let us clear something that you are familiar with. For instance whenever we talk about HCG drops in general we talk about pharmaceutical grade hormones. These are the ones that are real and int he purest form. However, when we talk hormone free hcg drops then we talk in a manner and imply that the hormone does not contain any amount of HCG.

So what does it contain actually?

That is a very nice question. The hormone free drops contains a bunch of herbs that mimc the same effectiveness of HCG drops which are of pharmaceutical grades.

Are they effective enough to induce weight loss?

No. The reason is obvious as there is no standard to create hormone free HCG drops. These are made roughly and as the company or the seller desires.

So which is the best seller?

So, far we have not noticed any seller that has Hormone free HCG drops that can be effective and can even compare HCG drops in it’s purest form. However a certain merchant named HCG triumph has several positive reviews online and seems worth trying out.


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