Every popular subject has its myth. This occurs due to the fact the people love exaggeration. The same case if with HCG diet. It has become so popular that it is now surrounded by some myths. These myths are nothing but imaginary creation of ignorant people.

Myth 1:

HCG Diet is Dangerous: If you have known about HCG diet then you will also know the fact that HCG diet is made of hcg hormone accompanied by 500 or 800 calorie per day. Such a low calorie might appear impossible at first. However, people have followed and have lost weight in the most sagest manner. This is due to the fact that people tend to adapt themselves to any type of food intake. For the first week of HCG diet it seems almost impossible for the dieter to stick to the low calorie diet. However, after the second week, the body gets accustomed to it and does not have any problem to adhere to such a low calorie diet in future.

Myth 2:

HCG hormone does not help in losing weight: Okay, this is a very popular myth. This myth has been around due to the fact that HCG diet is accompanied by low calorie meal protocol. Therefore, people say that a person would eventually lose weight with such low calorie meal plan. That is partially true. What these people do not understand is the fact that hcg hormone is working in the background. If you place yourself under low calorie meal you will find it impossible to adhere to it. Maybe you will follow the plan for a week or two then you will eventually crave for fatty substances and jump back to normal routine. It is only with HCG hormone that you will be able to maintain the low calorie diet for longer periods.

Myth 3:

HCG is a fad diet and works only for some: This myth is completely ridiculous. The reason as to why HCG diet has stuck for a long time is due to the reason that anyone can lose weight with it. Even the most stubborn fat that cannot be burnt with other form of diet programs can be easily reduced by HCG diet. In fact hcg has a name for reducing stubborn fat when all else fails.

There are several myths surrounding the HCG hormone. However,the above three were the most common and hence needed some decoding. Now, that you have relieved you can buy your hcg injections online safely.