How Much Weight Should you Reduce with HCG Diet?

It has become a fashion today to become slimmer rather than staying fit. Yes, if understood by what I meant in the above statement then you would realize that people are just becoming thinner other than staying fit.

The body is meant to store fat. Only when there is a certain amount of fat will you look fit and strong. If you are reducing weight to such an extent that there is fat way below then are basically changing way from evolutionary point of view.

Media has gone a far way from showcasing that thinner people are fitter. But that is not true. Just because you are thin it does not apply that you are fit. There are many factors that decide the fitness level of a person and staying thin is only one of them. Hence, you should not consider that thin person are usually fitter.

So How much weight Should one Lose?

We strongly recommend to visit your doctor and decide on the amount of weight to be lost. This would be a proper way of making a decision on your weight loss.

Secondly if you are running or have a high percentage of physical activity and your body structure is medium then there is no need to worry and try losing weight. You are fitter than your thinner counterparts.

Of course you might sometimes be ridiculed and mocked by your friends. And that is just because most of them are ignorant and the media should be blamed.