Being Irregular on your Diet

Five years back when I was starting on a diet I would miss on a certain meal and consume sweetened dishes. This would give me the feeling that I have completely lost the diet and need to start again sometime later. Interestingly, the worst part is that I was frequent rule breaker and this led to frequently missing on the diet system. In the end I had tried some twenty diets and called them all failures. What I did not realize was the fact that I was letting it fail.

Today, I realize that it is a common issue. You start a diet, miss two or three meals and in the end you feel guilty about it. In the end you completely avoid the diet. But that is not the way it is done.

Accept the fact that you have missed a rule or two and move. For instance, if  for the evening meal you were supposed to have a lower carb meal diet and you consumed something that is fatty, do not fret. It is okay to lose attention but do not let fall.

Say to yourself that you will not do the same again and continue the diet as usual from the next step. It is that simple. Just learn to forgive yourself.