HCG Injections Vs Exercising for Weight Loss

Did you know that you are not allowed to exercise while you are under HCG diet? Well, if you already knew about then you must be wondering why. The answer is that the HCG diet will increase your metabolism to a greater extent and it will be harder for your system to work in a balanced manner when it is exercising.

If, however, you love to workout or your prefer workout to be included in a diet regime then you must probably be wondering why not choose working out over HCG diet to lose weight.

This is all that we will discuss in this post. Therefore please keep reading.

First of all HCG diet is not for all. If you are living a hectic life and you do not have the time to exercise literally then working out is going to be a big no for you. These people will prefer HCG diet to working out as this diet does not require you to workout.

Secondly, losing weight with workout is going to take months and even years. You need to be disciplined and do not miss any schedule and eat proteins and carbs in a balanced way. Losing any of this will hinder your weight loss journey. However, with the hcg diet this is not the case. All you have to do is prepare the hcg shot and inject it into your system as instructed and follow the hcg meal that can be cooked within 20 minutes. Moreover, you will lose at least a single pound per day which is great if you are under pressure to lose weight.

In conclusion if you have plenty of time and the discipline to lose weight through exercise then you may well get enrolled into a fitness community.