Why is It harder for Women to Lose Weight?

Most followers of HCG diet are women. The reason? It is harder for women to lose weight. And as hcg diet promises to lose even the most stubbornest of weight it has attracted people (mostly women) throughout the globe.

Why is it harder for Women to lose Weight?

The answer lies in the evolutionary face and how nature has sculpted man and woman. Man is the bread earner from ancient and his main job is hunting. Women, on the other hand took the job of rearing the children and feeding which is mostly crucial and vital from an evolutionary point of view.

Now keeping the facts aside, you need to keep one thing in mind, famines were usual in historical times. If a civilization was struck with famine it would become harder for the women to feed the children. Hence, nature sculpted the women not to lose those stored fat. Thereby making it necessary to feed their children.

Since, women were basically processed by mother nature not to lose weight it is harder for women to lose those stored fat.

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