Getting Lose Skins with HCG Injections

Are you worried about getting loose skins with hcg diet or the hcg injections? Then worry not because the effect of loose skin is not eternal and will pass away in few weeks after you have lost your desired amount of weight.

How is that possible?

The skin is an interesting organ. It stretches as the body grows and it tightens up again as the body decreases in size. However the problem with a diet is that the body weight is lost faster than the skin can shrink. Hence as an end result people usually end up with flabby skin.

Moreover, once, you have reached your desired amount of weight to be lost, you will be stopping the diet and maintaining the same body frame. In the process you skin will start shrinking slowly and once again you will have that sexy look on your body.

Therefore, it is just a matter of time that your skin gets tightened.