Should I Follow the BMI Index for Weight Reduction with HCG diet?

In the Previous article we discussed about how much weight you should lose and whether staying thin is the only way of staying fit. In conclusion we noticed that staying thin is not the only way of staying fit. It is just an illusion created by the media. Hence, even if you are slightly above the BMI there is a high possibility that you are still fit as a fiddle. 

How is that Possible?

the BMI is a measurement only for normal people. In other words it is a measurement of people who are considered average. If your physical activities are higher then you are way above normal and you do not have run by the line placed by BMI. 

Even if the BMI says that you are slightly obese there is a high chance that you are generally fit. Hence, there is no necessity of following BMI. 

who Should Follow BMI?

If you are a person who goes to work and comes back home without much physical activities then you should probably consider BMI as the best measurement. If you are in high school or college then there are high chances that you have high physical activity. If you are the sort of bookworm then you should use BMI..

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