Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

I am very well acquainted with the fact that exercising while on the hcg diet is completely prohibited. But some people who have belly fat might find it hard to lose extra pound around the waist. This article will put some lime light on those exercise which will help you to lose fat around the waist. 

Leg Raise:

The Leg raise is one of the best exercise to lose weight around the waist. Start doing leg raises as many as you can do. Most probably you can do anywhere around ten to twenty at first. As soon as you get acquainted to the leg raise increase it to fifties or even hundreds. The best time to do it would be empty stomach in the morning.

Vertical Leg Raise:

this is a little tougher than the former one. You will have to a vertical raise by lifting your whole body up over a double bar or anything of that sort.

These two exercises will go a long way to reduce your belly fat.