How Effective is Metabolism in Weight Loss?

We have all heard about the statement of how metabolism is important in weight loss. However, there is some other truth that you must have missed all throughout the year. But I do not blame you. The marketers in the health industry are so talented that they will sell you a placebo and make you believe that it will somehow result in weight loss.

The myth

The reason we are lead to believe that metabolism is helpful in weight loss is due to the factor that metabolism is the measure of calorie burnt or food consumed. So if your body consumes and it is readily digested then there appears no possibility of fat being stored. Moreover, when your body needs more calorie then the stored fat ends up being used. In this process you are supposed to lose weight.

Everything is alright but:

The above definition is true but we are all missing a big picture. The food when digested completely by our body will result in hunger pang. At such instance we have either one of the options mentioned. We can either eat more food which is crash all the weight loss efforts created by the metabolism or we can use a hunger suppressant medication which will result in weight loss. However, if we are choosing the latter option then it evident that metabolism is not responsible for weight loss. It is the medication that has caused the weight loss.

Hence, in conclusion the weight loss does not happen by the increased metabolism alone. And another interesting fact to support my theory is the finding that fat people have higher metabolism rate than lean people which was proved BBC in one of their documentaries.