Dude Diet – their Principle

I hate writing on fad diets but when they become so popular that everyone is talking about them and newspapers are writing about them then it becomes necessary that I write about it too.

Among the list of fad diets that I have been writing is this new one that has entered the market and is known as the dude diet. The name is given obviously to the reason that one has to eat like a dude in order to get the benefits of the diet. And you have guessed it right. It works only for women as men are already eating as men.

eat meat rather than salad. Meat contains weight losing vitamins that help in weight loss

Beer is better than other alcoholic drinks as they do not contain more calories.  Moreover, beer contains a satiating effect that no other alcoholic drink contains.

Finally do not cut on your calories.

These are the few instructions of the dude diet. Do you think this will work?