People usually fall into a dilemma when they decide on a HCG diet. Generally, they are broken into two streams as to whether they should opt for a HCG drop or injections. This is common and only the person can decide for himself as both have valid pros and cons.

Drops and Injections comparisons:

  • Drops are ingested whereas injections push the hormone directly into the blood stream. For this reason alone injections are well effective when compared to drops.
  • In the market there is only pharmaceutical HCG injection whereas drops contain both pharmaceutical and homeopathic. If you are unaware of this then you will probably end up buying a homeopathic hcg drop which is not worth it. However, with injections there is no such possibility as there is only pharmaceutical hormones available.
  • It is possible that the needles of hcg injections are not properly sterilized. But this is not the case with hcg drops. They do not carry any chances of infection unless they are imported from third world countries.
  • Like I said, hcg drops do carry the risk of infection if they are manufactured out of US and imported from third world countries.
  • Finally, hcg injections hormones should be kept safe in a cool place. Probably in a refrigerator.

What do we recommend?

Read the first point and you will know that HCG injections are more effective than drop. For this very reason we strongly recommend that you purchase only hcg injections.