Dieting Tips for East Countries

The hcg diet is old to the west but fairly new to east. Today there are several people from the east trying to get their hands on hcg hormone, irrespective of whether it is an injection or sublingual drops. However, later they are dissappointed because the diet system mentioned in the protocol is prepared considered the east eating habits in mind. Therefore, it is hard for the people in the east to follow the HCG diet protocol as mentioned in the book.

The staple food of the west is basically filled with proteins and little amount of carb. Whereas the staple food of west is rice which is a powerhouse for carbohydrates. And hence, you can notice that there are fairly large number of obese people compared to west considering the population density.

Hence, we have come up with some tips that will help you in choosing the right diet according to your culture.

#1 Rice is okay as long as you are taking in mediocre amount.

#2 Have oatmeal as breakfast. This is best and can be applied throughout the globe irrespective of cultural difference,

#3 If you find it difficult to get your hands on Chicken then we suggest you to take egg white (boiled) as a supplement for protein.

#4 Supplement yourself with foods made out of wheat. People in North India consume wheat more than rice and hence they are fitter than the people in South.

#5 Eat Sprouted beans and other sprouted nuts. The dishes mentioned in hcg diet protocol are filled with proteins and are completed deprived of sugar or fatty substances. Hence to compensate or as an alternative to high protein foods eat gravy made out of sprouted beans.

Follow the above tips with the hcg protocol if you are from the West and you will be as fit as those other guys who followed the hcg diet.