Continuing the HCG Diet on The Period Days

There are always some misconception on the HCG Diet. And one of them is whether a women should continue to consume the hcg drops on her period day. This article is all about it and we will come to an conclusion, thereby putting an end to this misconception.

First of all you should understand that during menstruation your ovaries mature and they break if not fertilized with a sperm. Now, this maturing of ovary is made possible by releasing of couple of hormones that are secreted by the pituitary glands. These hormones are contradictory to hcg drops. If you consume the hcg drops during your period then the hcg hormone will be of no use. Moreover, your body will turn immune to the hormone thereby no weight loss will be possible in the future.

So, the conclusion that we come over here is that one should not take the hcg drops while they are on their period.

However, you are strongly recommended to continue the hcg diet protocol of 500 calorie. This is to ensure that you do not get carried away by fatty substances as women have a craving for sweets during these times.

You can resume the HCG drops after the last day of the period. And one more piece of advise, try following 26 day diet program or the once that is lower than your period day cycle i.e less than 28 days. Through this way you will not be on the hcg diet while nearing your period. And you can resume another 26 day period after periods.