Causes of Underweight and Home Remedies to Gain Weight

Wherever we look there are people complaining about excess weight. The number of obese people is growing steadily and the weight loss industry is booming. Interestingly there are equal numbers of people who are underweight. However, the sad part is that there are not enough supplements that really help in gaining weight. This is where our home remedy comes into play.

Before we look into the remedies, knowing the causes will help to better grasp the subject.

Causes of being underweight:

Some of the common causes of being underweight are excessive physical activity, skipping of meals and emotional stress. In cultures, where fasting is a common practice, people tend to be underweight. Genetics is also responsible for underweight. The body when it is unable to absorb food also results in underweight.

The dangers of being underweight are many. Some of the worst case scenarios are that underweight people suffer from infertility, heart problems, bone loss and anemia. Therefore, it is necessary to have an ideal weight.

Here are some remedies that will help you to gain weight:

Home Remedy 1:

Soak 6 dried figs and 30g of raisins in water, overnight. The next morning drain the water and mix both. Divide them into equal parts of two. Eat the first part of the mixture in the morning with empty stomach. The second part should be consumed in the evening after 4 hours of lunch. Continue this for two months and you will notice steady gain in weight naturally.

Home Remedy 2:

This remedy is made using Ashwagandha. This is a common herb which you can easily purchase from any herb store. It is native to India and used in many remedies. Its power in natural healing is limitless.

Take two tea spoons of Ashwagandha and mix it in a glass of hot milk. Take another tea spoon of clarified butter and mix it too. Mix the solution well. In some cases the Ashwagandha powder will float at the top of milk. This is an indication that the quantity of milk is less when in comparison to the powders quantity. Add more milk and it should mix well. Drink this mixture early in the morning. Continue to do this for three months.

Home Remedy 3:

Mango is known as the king of fruits. Probably it was named as the king because of its delicacy or its healing properties. Yes, mango does have healing properties which are yet unknown. However, for one we are sure that mango helps in gaining weight. Add mango in your breakfast. You need to consume a full ripe mango which should be followed by a glass of warm milk. Continue over a month and you will see results.

Generally, people who skip their breakfasts or who have light breakfast are underweight. If you are those few who skip their breakfast or have a light breakfast then it is recommended to not skip your breakfast or have a huge breakfast.  Breakfast is an essential meal of the day therefore; you need to take care to not skip it.

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Follow any of these home remedies to gain weight and keep us notified as to your progress.