Cardio or Not for Weight Loss

For years in the past people and professional experts in the weight loss industry advised us to do cardio for weight loss. However, in the recent past things have changed. Experts are now advising High Intensive training over Cardio for weight loss. Why this sudden change in the weight loss perspective. We shall discuss and try to make sense out of it.

When we do cardio we  tend to lose weight naturally and therefore this is the sole reason as why experts decided or suggested cardio for weight loss. But later it was found in recent years that cardio tend to become inefficient as time goes on.

For instance, take the case of an obese person who has decided to run 5 miles a day. At first his body is not accustomed to running at all. Therefore, in the first few days he will start sweating heavily. However, as days pass his body tends to become more efficient at accomplishing the distance, For example let us consider that he is running 5 miles for the last six months. His body has become efficient in running and therefore starts to burn lower calories as it did in the beginning.

Experts came to know of this drawback only in recent years. However, they suggest that you take over strength training as it is the best way of weight loss. What happens in strength training is that you constantly build muscle. As you keep on building muscle you will tend to have more calorie burning muscles that will eat up fats and leave no room for storage. Simply put you shall lose weight in the long run eventually.