Cardio vs Strength Training

Are you  in a position as to unable to choose between cardio workouts and strength training to lose weight? Then I will help you in making the decision. 

Ask your friends and they will say that cardio is best in losing weight. However, I beg to differ from them. And here comes my proof as to why strength training is better than cardio. 

First of all when you are doing cardio your body gets used to it in the process. For example if you find yourself exhausted running for a mile, after a week you will be completely fine with it. Maybe you will even run 2 miles. This is just your body getting accustomed to the effort you are taking. 

Whereas in the case of strength training you are gaining muscle. Now, muscle requires energy and if you keep your intake stable then your built muscle will help in burning more fat than before. 

As for conclusion, now you can understand that strength training is better than cardio.