Can Weight Gain and Loss be Realted to Pschological Factors?

There are almost innumerable weight loss diets in market. However, if you are a person who thinks that you haven’t lost any weight no matter how less you eat or what kind of diet you follow then you need to look into your psychological factors.

I know a doctor who told me an interesting story once. She had a patient who was obese and was a 14 year old. For a 14 year old obesity is of course an issue as she has to face with mockery at places like schools and neighborhood.

She had come to this doctor and had received a customized plan on diet. She had been following the diet for 4 months but unfortunately did not loose much weight. She had then called her for a detailed inspection because the doctor suspected foul play.

Later, she found that she had psychological issues. The doctor then recommended her to a psychiatrist who immediately got what her problem was. I came to know that as a child she had been molested and considered herself inferior in many aspects. So to fulfill her own prophecy she had to eat and turn herself into one.

What I am trying to say is that removing any psychological issues is necessary if you are not losing weight.