Can you Lose weight by Losing Stress?

Did you know that your weight gain and stress levels are related? Some of you might feel shocked and others might take this as bluff. But this is the truth. You gain weight by eating more calories. More calories is consumed through habits like binge eating, emotional eating and frequent snacking. The cause for such habits is directly related to stress. The more stress you are into the more you will eventually eat. Hence, if we get to cut down on stress then we shall eventually cut down on weight loss.

Below are the ways through which you can lose stress:


Working out is the best way of killing stress. When you exercise your body produces hormones that counteract with the stress hormone. As a result you end up feeling great. Moreover, you need to exercise for at least half an hour. If you are exercising in the evenings then I suggest that you exercise in mornings. And if you do have some time then exercise at both times. This will provide even better health to you.

Meal Portion:

Eat smaller meal portions every day. I do not know the smart guy who designed that we should eat thrice per day. I simply do not get it. There is no exact time to eat. You eat when you are hungry and the hunger levels are today mechanized. The best way is to eat six meals per day and break each meal into small portions so that it does not overload your system.

Have a Pet:

Pets are great and playing with them is greater. Pets simple have the knack to reduce your daily stress. When you come home from work with a high level of energy spent you suddenly feel energized watching your dog or cat play. If you do have the time to maintain these dogs then you get an aquarium as it does not need your attention.