Can You build Muscle While on the HCG Diet

Another question that we receive from our readers is that can we build muscles while on the hcg diet. Before we go and answer that question we would like to throw some light on the fact about exercising while on hcg diet.

Exercising and Hcg diet:

Most important thing that is to notice is the fact that the phcg protocol does not advise one to exercise on the hcg diet. When you start ingesting or injecting the hcg hormone the metabolism of your body increases. In fact it increases to such an extent that your metabolism is at the highest level. If, you exercise further and push your body towards more increase of metabolism then you will end up with an screwed up body. And there will be untold side effects which you would have never ever heard of.

Build Muscle:

exercising itself is prohibited and building muscle while on the hcg diet is completely out of question. Hence, you can understand the effect building muscle will have on your body.

Hence we can conclude that one will be unable to build muscle while on the hcg diet.