Basic Principle of Fat Loss

Most of the times we do not know the principle of things that happen within and around us. Obviously the reason is due to many self proclaimed gurus who are eager to earn a buck or two by proclaiming and hailing false statements. One such case is fat loss or weight loss as it is commonly known.

Many people think weight is complex. But the truth is something simple.

For the simple truth let us consider a real life example. Suppose you have an income of $3000/month and your expenditure is $3500. So you are in debt of $500 every month. Consider this for a year.  Therefore, we arrive at $500×12=$6000 and consider the same for 10 years and you will be in depth of $60k in no time.

The same goes here in weight loss. If your body needs only 2000 calories and you consume 3000 calories per day that results in an extra calorie of 1000 every day. Multiply that number with 365×1000 and you get 365000 calories added into your system. Each pound consists of 3500 pound. To arrive at how much pound you add up a year 365000/3500 and you gain 104 pounds a single year. Isn’t that  amazing.

Here is something more amazing:

When you add up calories to your body than it needs the fat cells stores it. A fat cell can store only so much of fat as long as it can expand. When it no longer can expand the body searches for other places to generate fat cells. And so it goes on and fat cells are multiplied.

Here is the bad news:

When your body has gained enough fat cells and later you have decided to lose weight. Here is the what happens, the fat cells release the fat. And shrink in size. Fat cells are never destroyed once they are generated. This is the reason why fat people tend to gain fat after stopping the diet. The fat cells are silently prowling and waiting for the slightest increase in calorie intake and they grab the opportunity to store it immediately.

The solution:

You might wonder that there isn’t solution for permanent weight loss. Well, there is one. You need to stick with the regime permanently. You need to watch your calorie intake every time you eat and you are good with your weight loss or can even maintain your weight.