How to Adhere to the HCG Diet

The common problem with the HCG diet is that is hard to stick with the protocol. Not that they are impossible to achieve but they take perseverance and and patience to adhere to the low calorie diet. But once you have committed to at least two weeks then you are easily hooked up with the diet and everything starts to  seem normal.

Here are some great ideas on how to adhere to the HCG diet:

Forget about your old eating habits. Consider that you are starting a new life and therefore change your eating habits. This will help you with the new meal plan.

Cut  down on salt. The HCG protocol says you to cut down on sugars but does not advises the same for salt. However. we have personally noticed that people who cut on salt have a healthy eating habit.

Do mild exercises. This is crucial because you will have to curb the hunger pang that comes as a result of intensive training. Hence, while on the hCG diet do not go forward than just a walk or stretching.

Have a journal. If possible have a big board set up in your study room or wherever you find it best. Note that down the days and the amount of calories you have consumed. This will help you track your result.

Buy a weighing scale. It costs few bucks and will do you a great job of motivation and help you to track your weight.

Eat slowly. Or in other words drink your foods. Take your time to eat and chew the few food or grind them literally so that all your system has to do is digest.

Do not skip any meals. At times you might think that skipping meals will help you to cut down on your weight further. However, that is not the case. In fact cutting on meal will increase your weight as you will feel hunger sooner and you will have to gobble more amount of food to manage the hunger.