3 Important tips to Lose Weight

Three days back I was watching a documentary on weight loss backed with scientific data by BBC. Interestingly I have some great news to share with you and you will be surprised to find some out.

First and most thing that will blow your mind is to know that metabolism, higher or lower, does not matter. Two buddies who shared the same lifestyle and almost did the same activity were researched. One was obese and the other skinnier. The question was how come one could be obese and the other skinnier if they ate the same amount of food. First it was thought metabolism could be the reason. However, after researching and spying on them it was found that the obese person consumed m ore food secretly.

People who are overweight, usually, have frequent hunger pangs. This too was researched and the reason was found out. three different types of meals were given to three different people. One meal was high in carbohydrate, the other combination of protein and carbs and the third was fully protein. After checking their hunger pangs it was found that the person who ate the pro-tenacious food had late hunger pang than the rest. therefore in conclusion eating more protein food.

Liquid meal is best preferred over solid meal. Well, when you consider about weight loss the conclusion is that you should consider solid meal as they take longer to digest. Moreover, the solid meal signals the feeling of satiation better than a liquid meal.