Before you buy HCG injections online you need to ensure that the seller is legitimate and hcg-injectionsmeets all the below mentioned factors. This will protect you from fraudulent deals. We also have a recommendation for you that meets all the mentioned requirements.

Factors to consider before you buy HCG Injections Online:

  • The seller should have a long positive history online. This is necessary because you do not have to worry about submitting your CC details.
  • Second, the HCG hormone should be manufactured within our Nation (US). Hormones imported from other nations are considered illegal and are not approved by FDA
  • The manufacturing process should be approved by FDA i.e Manufactured in GMP facility.
  • The hormones should be pure and authentic i.e they should be of pharmaceutical quality

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You can also opt for HCG drops that are real if you do not want to buy injections.


Why Should one opt for Injections?

HCG injections are more effective than HCG drops. The reason is obvious as the hormone when injected directly enters the bloodstream and starts functioning on the system. With HCG drops, however, the hormone is ingested and the system has to absorb it until it has been fully utilized.

I find that buying HCG injections online are expensive when compared to HCG drops. Why is that so?

Reason for the high cost when it comes to HCG injections sold online is not due to the hormone but for the injections. There are various types of injections that will come accompanying the hormone. One of them is with a needle that is so short that it will enter no longer than the lower skin of your body. Moreover, these needles are designed for better usability even for the person who has no prior experience. Therefore, the reason for expensive HCG injections.

How should I store my HCG syringes and bottles?

The recommended storage method is to keep both the hormone and the syringes in a refrigerator. This will avoid the infection of needles and increase the life of the hormone.

I have heard that HCG injections can be infectious?

If you are purchasing a local dealer who isn’t licensed or is selling you those injections for a cheap rate then you can be assured that they are infected or not sterilized. The dealer we have recommended is licensed and sterilizes each needle completely. It is due to this reason that you are paying more than 300 bucks.

What about the Diet?

You do not have to worry about the diet as you will be guided by the retailer regarding what foods to be consumed. However, if you are purchasing HCG injections from someone who does not provide dieting information then you can be left confused. This is because you need to strictly adhere to the diet regime so as to take full benefit of the hormone.

Do I need Medical Attention while on the HCG Diet?

If you are on those many people who prefer HCG drops over the HCG injections then you have an option to choose medical support. However, if you are on those few people who wish to stick themselves with needles then we strongly recommend that you get a medical support. Obviously, needles carry more risk than oral drops. And you need some support if anything goes wrong.

Does Nuimage Medical Provide Medical Support?

yes, the supplier we mentioned above does provide medical support. Moreover, the cost of HCG injections sold by them is inclusive of medical support throughout the period of weight loss.

How is the Medical Support Provided?

The Medical Support is provided on a one to one chat online session. You do not have to visit their local office personally. As soon as you have chosen any of their plans you will be provided with medical support for a limited time, including phone support.

Is NuImage Medical Licensed to Sell HCG Prescriptions online?

Yes, it is one of those few HCG retailers that are licensed to sell HCG hormones within the US.

What are the side effects of HCG Injections?

As long as you are not trying to conceive or passing the menopause phase you do not have any trouble with using this hormone to reduce weight. However, there are some common side effects that you will find in every diet program in the world. The common troubles are lower abdomen ache, loose stools, and headache. These will resolve by itself if they are due to the process of dieting. However, if they are due to any other reason then it will persist more than a week in which case you should visit a doctor immediately.

How many Days should I follow the HCG Diet?

That depends completely upon how much you wish to lose weight. For instance, on an average basis, a person loses about 25 to 30 lbs per month considering that one loses 1 lb per day. In that case, if you are looking to lose around 25 lbs then we suggest that you stick to the diet for at least a month. In case you want to lose around 40 to 50 lbs then we recommend following the diet for 60 days.

Note: You have to note that the amount of weight loss depends upon individuals and their previous eating habits. Some people have reported losing weight of 3 lbs per day while some lose 2 lbs. However, we have considered an average situation and hence the numbers will vary.

Can One Exercise While on the HCG Diet?

It is not recommended to exercise while on the HCG diet. This is due to the fact while you are on the HCG diet the HCG hormone will boost the metabolism of your body to the maximum. Therefore, further exercising your body will result in metabolism imbalance. Moreover, you will find that your appetite has increased after a workout session which could your HCG diet regime. Hence, it is advisable and recommended not to exercise while on the HCG diet. However, you can undergo a normal walking of not more than 15 minutes a day. But if you are already walking the above said minutes while at work or in your daily routine then there is no need for the special walking session.

Will I gain weight after stopping the HCG diet?

Unlike other diet programs, you won’t gain even after stopping the HCG diet. Here is how the HCG hormone works on your brain. When you are injecting HCG into your system it will reprogram the hypothalamus which is part of the brain responsible for your eating habits. So, what you eat in the HCG diet program will be structured in your brain for life. And since all the foods in the HCG diet are low in calorie with high protein you will gain those eating habits which will be hard to break. Hence, even after stopping the HCG program you will still be able to keep those lost weights safely.

I am trying to Conceive. Can I use HCG injections?

Of course, you can use HCG injections if you are trying to conceive. In fact, there is a scientific evidence that women get pregnant faster when they are on the HCG diet. Though the reason is obscure there is enough evidence to back the claim. However, once you have conceived you must abstain from HCG diet altogether. This is due to the fact that HCG hormone can induce triplets or miscarriages in pregnant ladies. Therefore, as long as you haven’t conceived there is no issue. But once. you are pregnant completely forgo the use the HCG.

Can I take Vitamin Supplements on the HCG Diet?

We have been asked this question more than a thousand times and we have answered with a simple question that it is completely unnecessary. The HCG diet contains organic foods that are rich in protein and vitamins. Hence, you will hardly have any deficiency.
The only other supplement that you will ever need is a shot of Vitamin B12. But since it comes with your HCG injections you do not have to purchase them separately. If you do insists to take on vitamin pills then we ask not consider those that are sugar coated in any form. Instead of tablets go for capsules as they are not coated with any form.

Are all the Merchants mentioned over this site licensed to sell HCG injections?

Yes, all the merchants that we recommend are licensed to sell HCG injections. Moreover, their lab facilities are approved by the FDA so that you can be assured that you are getting the top-notch quality of HCG hormone and injections.

I am a Vegetarian. How Can I stay on the Diet?

This is a little Tricky due to the reason that most of the food items mentioned in the HCG diet are meant for non-vegetarians. The easiest way to get around this is to consider veggies that are a rich source of protein. For instance, instead of a boiled chicken breast or red meat, you can substitute it with the same quantity of egg whites. Or if you don’t consider eggs are vegetarian then try soybeans. Soybeans are a great source of protein and are considered as holy meat by the eastern culture.

Include nuts in your diet. Beans are known as protein powerhouse. Eat them in various combination of green and dried beans. If you can get the beans to sprout and eat them raw then you will get the maximum amount of protein that even red meat cannot compete with.

If you find that this is tiresome to choose vegetables then get a program with NuIMage Medical. Since they come with a medical support the experts will guide you in choosing the alternatives for eat in your diet.

For the Last few Months, I have been using HCG drops. Can I switch to HCG injections? Will there be any side Effects?

Yes, you can switch to HCG injections by purchasing them online any time and there will be no side effects. However, you should understand that this switching of HCG injections and HCG drops should not be done frequently. For instance, you should not be using HCG injection for a month and HCG drops for the second month. This will throw your system into chaos and your body will not be able to frequent changes. Though both are the same hormone the way your body absorbs them is different. HCG drops are absorbed through your gastrointestinal walls and HCG injections are directly injected into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is advised to stick with any one method and if you plan on switching then ensure that it is not frequent.

How to Find if the Injections are Infected or not Sterilized?

Actually, there is a possible way to find whether an injection carries an infection. However, if the package is broken or not sealed properly then the chances for the injection to carry an infection is greater. hence, we strongly recommend that you do not use any needles that come in a pack which is not properly sealed.

How Long does it Take for the package to arrive after it is ordered?

If you are living in the States then you should receive the package within two days. In some cases, you will receive the package the very next day. If you are located outside the US then it will take anywhere from five days to ten days.  But the average delivery rate for international orders is seven days.

What is the root cause of my weight gain?

We cannot say that for sure. However, the most common causes of weight gain is stress. When an individual faces stress in his personal life he tends to overeat. That naturally tends to gain weight in the individual.

So how do you Combat Stress?

Combating stress is as easy as counting sheep. However, it requires discipline from your side and some patience. However, I would also like to state the results are not instant. When you start to lose weight you will know what I mean.

What are the types or ways of reducing stress in your system?

There are several ways. But I would like to discuss only some of the best ways or the most popular used today to lose your stress.

Workouts: this is a popular way to lose those stress. If you are considering to lift weights then you are wrong. It does not require you to lift the weight. Even a small walk or half an hour over the treadmill will do just fine. The only difference, however, is that you need to take up on the schedule regularly.

There are many other things that can help you to lose those stress. I am not going to discuss any other in detail as it is totally bizarre because it does not stick with the theme of this blog.

Is it mandatory to lose weight? Because I feel fit.

Staying thin is a work of media and it does not relate to the fitness level of a person. An individual can be fat and still stay healthy or fit. The media in recent years has portrayed fat people as one who is unfit and not within the community. Although it is partially true that fat people are unhealthy it does not mean that all of are the same. Hence, it is a personal choice whether you should lose weight.

When should I seek medical attention?

First, you should understand that we are not medical practitioners. Hence, we do not hold the authority to treat you or provide a treatment for your health. We are just a blogger who provides information for an educational purpose. And regarding medical attention, you should seek one before the time you decide to lose weight with HCG injections.

I just Delivered a Baby. Can I use HCG Injections?

“HCG injections bought online” are okay but the question stands for the diet. The HCG diet is a low-calorie diet. Since you have just delivered a baby it is out of the question to opt for a low-calorie diet. This is the time when you should supply your body with nutrition. Hence, we do not suggest that you opt for HCG diet after delivery.

Can I supplement my diet with protein shakes?

Of course, you can. But the only thing that you need to ensure is that the protein shake is not made up of milk. Dilute the powder in warm water and you are good to drink it. Try supplementing your body with protein shakes as it is the best thing to do. Your muscles will get a boost early in the morning.

Why hasn’t the FDA given its approval?

The FDA provides approval only to clinically proven and tested results. This Diet of HCG unfortunately, did not pass through the tests and the FDA did not notice any significant amount of weight loss in the test subjects to pass this hormone as a weight loss supplement. Hence, the approval for the usage of the hormone as a weight loss supplement was denied.

Does that mean I cannot buy?

No, it is a totally different story. The hormone is not only used for weight loss but for many other treatments. SO you can buy for any other use.

Can I use it as a weight loss mean?

That is totally your independent decision. We do not want you to override your decision. The facts are present over here. FDA has denied approval but many people still keep buying which backs the story that HCG can be used for losing weight. In conclusion, it is your sole decision.

What is the Quality of the product (From the merchants referred to on this blog)

We have reviewed all of them and we can vouch for their quality. Yes, we have actually purchased items from them and used to lose weight. So we can like totally vouch for them and the quality of their products. Hence, you can buy from them blindly. You can also try this site which reviews HCG products.

I have read some negative reviews:

Okay, frankly it is impossible to satisfy every type of customer. Everyone has a different need. And sometimes someone is an exception. These people who are an exception write a negative review on the internet without think for a second that a review for a small mistake or due to lack of patience can trash someone’s business.

Can I get a refund?

Of course, you can get a refund. All the merchants selling through this blog provide a refund policy of 30 days or more. Therefore, you do not have anything to fear. The product appears at your doorstep after ordering. You use it. And if for some reason you do find it appealing then return it and get your money back. It is that simple.

Do I need a prescription to purchase HCG injections?

No, you do not need a prescription to purchase HCG injections and that is the beauty of this product. You can buy an enormous amount of products and still need no prescription. Hence, it is totally risk-free from everyone’s point of view.

Will I be allergic to the hormone?

Normally, women who are pregnant and women within the period days tend to be allergic to the hormone. Officially, other than the above two there are no records of people being allergic to the hormone. Hence, all we can say is try it and see for yourself.

How to store the hormone?

Storing is an essential part of the hormone. You need to store HCG injections purchased online it in a refrigerator. That is your best shot. If you try storing in warm places or outside of a refrigerator then there is a huge possibility that you will end up losing the properties of the hormones.


All the information mentioned above should not be considered as an alternative to medical advice. The information presented are solely the author’s opinion and in no way shall the author be responsible for any damage occurred through the above-said information. Readers are advised to make their decision independently before taking any decision and they are strongly recommended to seek the help of a licensed physician in case they need any medical attention.