List of Top HCG Retailers


#1 iHCG Injections: (Link to Official site) – This is the best HCG retailer for two reasons 1) they have great inventory which are of high quality and 2) because their prices are reasonable. Hence, if you are on a budget or wish to test the waters of HCG injections or HCG diet then we highly recommend that you purchase from this site.

#2 Nu Image Medical: (Link to Official site) – This is the second best site for HCG Injections. We would have actually rated it as #1 if it hadn’t been for the high price tag. But the good thing with this seller is that they provide Medical supervision and support throughout the period of diet. Hence, if you are not so strong with the budget choose Nu Image.

#3 Cojach Limited (this site has stopped its service) – All we can say about this seller is they are legit. They have two drawbacks when compared to above two 1) Highly priced and 2) Not enough inventory or offers. But you are free to take a look at the offers available over their site.